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Getting a-head of things

Whiskers and first layer of mane are done. Once I finish the eyebrows and eyeballs that’ll be it for the head, save for any fine-tuning.

Last Laugh Lion, February 25, 2017

Last Laugh Lion, February 25, 2017


Just in time for Hallowe’en…

Here’s a carving from Tony Endhoven.

Alas, Poor Yorick (Reprise) - Tony Endhoven

Alas, Poor Yorick (Reprise) – carving by Tony Endhoven

Tony was the featured carver at this year’s Magic in Wood Competition and Show, October 18-19, in Pickering.

Largely self-taught, Tony has been carving seriously for 30 years. Over the years he’s won Best-In-Show awards in Ottawa and Hamilton, as well as in Pickering. Recently, he taught a seminar for the first time, and looks forward to teaching again.

The carvings he put on display in Pickering reflected his broad scope as a carver – everything from caricature, to realistic relief, to carvings in the round.

Stamp - carving by Tony Endhoven

Stamp – carving by Tony Endhoven

Members of the Ontario Wood Carvers Association will find an article about Tony and his carvings in the upcoming winter issue.