Monthly Archives: May 2016

Five months later…

So that was a busy five months.

Lots going on, but I’ve still managed to get some carving in. First, here’s a recent picture of Last Laugh Lion. He’s coming along, and a better picture will be coming soon.

Last Laugh Lion - April 2016

What’s really exciting though, is it’s now my turn to start working on “my” leaf of the Maple Leaf Forever tree. This is part of an Ontario Wood Carvers Association group project, where we’re carving vignettes from Toronto’s history into an eight-foot section of the famous silver maple that inspired the anthem, The Maple Leaf Forever. Carving takes place at the Ontario Science Centre, which is where the sculpture will be displayed when finished.

Here are a couple of pictures of the work in progress, the second one a little more close up. Can you tell which Toronto landmark this will be?

Maple Leaf Forever Tree - May 2016

Maple Leaf Forever Tree – May 2016

Detail, Maple Leaf Forever tree - May 2016

My leaf, Maple Leaf Forever tree – May 2016