Monthly Archives: July 2015

Foot Bowl 1

I spent the July 4th weekend at a cottage (or “camp”) not far from Sudbury. Walking in the bush we came across some interestingly shaped spruce. A few hours later and with the help of my Arbortech minigrinder, I was able to give my hosts this bowl. Flip it over and it looks like a foot, but this way up the colours make it look like a seashell.

Foot Bowl, spruce, July 2015

Foot Bowl 1, spruce, July 2015

A little beachcombing yielded the decorative stones.

Trefour’s Face

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

Hope fellow Canadians had a great day off. I enjoyed quality time carving in the garden, and as a result, Trefour’s face is done. Here he is, in all his happy glory.

Trefour's face, finished

Trefour’s face, finished

Just the base left to refine, then final sanding and finishing!