It’s been a while, but I’m back here with a new post, and introducing my new carving, Contendium ─ a portmanteau name built from the French conte and the English/Latin compendium. When finished, it will be an open-book collage of fairy tale imagery.

One of the things that drives most carvers crazy is being asked, “How long did that take you?” When you work a couple of hours here and a few there, over months or even years, it’s virtually impossible to keep track.

With Contendium, I’m hoping I’ll actually be able to answer that question. What I’m doing is taking a picture every eight hours or so and calling it a “day”.

Here are the pictures from Day 2, Day 6 and just an hour or two shy of Day 10. You can also follow my progress, and see all of the days, on Instagram, at illicitdiamond.

Contendium - Day 2

Contendium – Day 2

Contendium - Day 6

Contendium – Day 6

Contendium - Day 10

Contendium – Day 10



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