Later that same year…

Time has flown since the last post! Sorry about that.

But I haven’t been idle. Highlight of the summer so far was the chainsaw carving course at Haliburton School of the Arts. Taught by Robbin Wenzoski of Robbin’s Amazing Art, it’s an intense course that covers chainsaw buying, maintenance and of course, safe use – along with plenty of opportunity to create works of art.

As a result, continuing my Alice in Wonderland theme, the cheschire cat in my tree out front now almost has the white rabbit for company. Just a few more details and finishing to go.

While in the Minden/Haliburton area I visited Walter at the Carving Gallery. Great guy and an outstanding place to visit if you’re a fan of chainsaw carving.

Chainsaw-carved White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

White Rabbit, still needing his ears and whiskers. Plus a few other details, and finishing


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